Inflatable paddle board vs Rigid paddle board | Which is best?

Inflatable paddle board vs Rigid paddle board | Which is best? - Wave Sups EU

When it comes to buying a paddleboard, working your way through a sea of super sups and tourers can be daunting. You find yourself asking ‘are inflatable stand up boards any good?’, ‘what is an inflatable paddle board?’ or even ‘what are the best paddleboards?’ Don’t worry. We’ve heard you, and we’re here to help! 

Here at Wave, we’ll be the first to say: we prefer Inflatable! For all-around leisure and paddling, blow up paddle boards are the obvious choice.

Why? I hear you ask. 
They’re great for beginners! 

We’re going to be honest- rigid paddle boards hurt. If you’ve just started to dip your toe in or feel like Bambi on a board; an inflatable sup is a perfect choice! When you’re still learning, falling on a wooden board can be painful. With an inflatable sup, the foam padding (from experience) makes for a much comfier landing. To start out, you’ll be looking for a more stable board. When those waves come at you, having a board that’s flopping like a fish probably isn’t the look you’re going for. Our Cruiser is truly ideal for novices/ beginners and comes equipped with a detachable fin for even more stability. Durable yet light, this blow-up paddleboard is sure to support you!

Take it anywhere! 

Whether you’re hoping to barbarrel in the Southwest or cut back on Lake Windermere, an inflatable paddleboard has you covered. Having trouble cramming that wooden board into your campervan or getting rope burn securing it to your car roof? With an inflatable board, you need only roll it up, throw it in the car, and you’ll be surfing the waves of Dover in no time! We may be biased, but Newcastle’s Tynemouth is our go-to. Check out our paddle boarding near me post for more info!

Your board could even outlive you!

With their military-grade PVC, our inflatable paddle boards are bombproof. Some of you may have found that when using rigid or wooden boards telltale cracks can appear on the surface, behind every scuff being a bashed oar or rocky maneuver. Fear not! With an inflatable SUP, these are a thing of the past. 

They won’t break the bank

Paddleboards are often considered to be the gateway drug of water sports. Stand-up supping is an incredibly easy sport to learn- and highly addicting! With their growing popularity, cheap and cheerful paddleboards are taking center stage. Why spend an arm and a leg on a rigid board when you can embark on your adventure for under £500? 

So all in all...
We hope we’ve done enough convincing. We really do prefer inflatable, and hope you will too! Whilst some might say hard boards are better for tricks and flips, the inflatable paddleboard is a great all-rounder. Perfect for beach day bonding or white water rafting. Wherever your adventure takes you, a blow-up board has your back.

By Emily Turnbull

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