the tourer range

latest sup technology

Complete with an EVA Foam Deck Pads, cargo ties, bungee leashes at detachable fins - our Tourer range is the ideal multi-purpose board for those looking to board on a variety of terrains.

⦿ 10'/11' with 130kg Capacity

⦿ Max 15 PSI

⦿ Military Grade PVC

⦿ Complete with Branded Carry Case & Detachable Fin

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making waves since 2016

Founded in 2016, our brand aims to to deliver quality, innovation and service. Our aim has to create a space where paddleboarding can be looked upon as an accessible sport open to all. Offering a range of SUPs catering to all skill levels, we envisage paddling as an acitivity to unite families and friends, not one limited sports circles.

Wave Sups is driven by our unwavering desire to create paddleboards. That vision may sound simple, but achieving it is not. We stand for everything that makes it possible: quality, innovation, knowledge, experience, consistency, integrity, ocean-minded spirit and above all else, passion.

Classic Touring with some Woody Vibes

Wave Woody Paddle Board Sup Range

Designed for all action fun in groups of 6 - 8

Wave Super Sup Pro Paddle Board Range


Our range of inflatable sup products feature some of the most competitively priced, durably designed and technologically innovative paddle boards for sale in the UK right now. Featuring an extensive range of sleek, contemporary and affordable sups, Wave have committed to placing accessibility at the centre of our brand.

high quality entry level paddleboard to get you on the water

Wave Cruiser Paddle Board SUP Range

Wave Paddleboards uk


Wave, founded in 2016, has committed to making inflatable products affordable and accessible to its international clientele whilst continuing to innovate and improve on its branding.

Now featuring a range catering from kids to adults, beginners to pros, and even furry companions, we have diversified our vision to center paddle boarding at the heart of extracurricular spirit. With our HQ located in the North-East of England, coastal activity fuels the spirit of our people, and we wanted to bring that to our already incredibly loyal clientele. So kiss goodbye the paddleboard hire, and make an investment worth your while. Check out our invaluable Paddle Spots and Paddle Tips for beginner paddleboard advice and the hottest locations for paddle boarding near me